HOUSTON The teenager at the center of a scandal involving a videotaped beating allegedly showing Houston police officers engaged in an assault faced a judge and jury at his burglary trial on Monday.

Chad Holley, 15, is accused -- along with three other young men -- of breaking into a house and removing items last March.

It was during Holley s arrest when the assault took place. Holley was allegedly beaten by four Houston police officers. The incident was captured by surveillance cameras on a nearby storage facility.

Members of Holley s defense team and a local activist accused prosecutors of purposely hiding the tape from jury members.

The prosecution is doing everything they can to tiptoe through the tulips and around the bushes to hide that video, said Quanell X.

Prosecutors called to the stand members of HPD s Westside Tactical Unit, who said they observed Holley and the other young men scoping out a neighborhood and peeking through windows. The officers said they also observed some of the suspects removing items from a home.

Three suspects already pleaded guilty, but Holley continues to maintain his innocence.

The case is expected to go to the jury for deliberations on Tuesday.

The four officers accused in the assault on Holley have been fired and are awaiting trial on misdemeanor charges.

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