HOUSTON -- The Harris County Registrar s Office is investigating allegations of voter registration fraud by a registration project called Houston Votes.

My office has been forced to expend countless hours and thousands of dollars of taxpayer money, trying to sift through the garbage being dumped into our voter registration system under this organized effort, Harris County Voter Registrar Leo Vasquez said Tuesday at a news conference.

Among the allegations: multiple applications for the same person, signatures that don't match, incomplete applications and accusations that staff members of Houston Votes were pressuring people to fill out new applications, even if they had already registered.

This activity will not be tolerated in Harris County, Texas, and it will stop here, Vasquez said.

There was a large crowd at the news conference Vasquez conducted. Among those in attendance were members of a group called True the Vote, who claimed they had brought the issue to light.

But the director of Houston Votes said most of the allegations are not true.

I think it s poor to make a judgment, cast a judgment made up by allegations of few select people and cast doubt on an entire organization, said Sean Caddle.

He said mistakes are made when you register tens of thousands of voters, and that Houston Votes has already fired a number of people.

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