PEARLAND, Texas A woman was recovering Wednesday after two large pit bulls attacked her outside her home, police said.

Cherry Woods, 39, claims her cat, Lima, saved her from the dogs by scratching and hissing at the animals.

According to the police report, the attack happened May 21 just before 8 a.m.

Woods claims she was walking back to her home in the 2300 block of Short Springs Court in Pearland when she saw the dogs from a distance. When they started charging towards her, she tried to fight them off, but they knocked her down several times.

Her husband, Harold Woods, said he was inside the home when he heard her screams. He unsuccessfully tried to separate the dogs from his wife, he said.

That s when the couple s cat, Lima, jumped into the fray. According to Woods, the feline clawed and hissed at the dogs and distracted them.

Our cat came out of the bushes, and scratched one of the dogs and started hissing at it. They both turned their attention to the cat. I was able to grab my wife and pull her inside the house, he said.

It was out of character for Lima.

She s the most reclusive, timid animal I ve ever seen, Harold Woods said.

But not that day.

Woods estimated the dogs that attacked his wife were 80-100 pounds each.

Other neighbors in the Shadow Creek Ranch subdivision said they ve heard the dogs barking for years, but this is the first attack they can remember.

11 News was not able to reach the dogs owners for comment Wednesday. It s unclear how the dogs managed to escape their yard, which is on another block near the Woods home.

The dogs were put under quarantine at the City of Pearland s Animal Shelter after the attack. In a hearing Thursday afternoon, a judge ordered the dogs to be put down. Officials with Pearland Animal Control said the dogs would be euthanized within 24 hours.

Meanwhile, as Cherry Woods recovers, Lima keeps watch.

It s still hard but it s getting better, Cherry Woods said.

I m very glad that we had [Lima] and that she was here, because when it came down to my wife getting hurt, she jumped right in. It s amazing, Harold Woods said.

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