HOUSTON An internal investigation at a Houston charter school found that one other teacher saw a coworker beating a student and failed to report it.

School officials said Gabriel Hahn Moseley, a social studies teacher at Jamie s House Charter School, has since resigned.

In a statement released Monday morning, Jamie s House Principal Dr. David Jones said Moseley was present when science teacher Sheri Lynn Davis attacked student Isaiah Reagins in class.

A video of the beating, shot with a cell phone camera on April 29, showed Davis dragging Reagins around by his feet and repeatedly slapping him as he tried to cover up on the floor.

Reagins suffered a black eye and bruises in the attack. His mother filed a lawsuit against Davis and the school last week.

After the video went public, the school launched an investigation to see whether any other adults or staff members witnessed the beating.

Moseley had been working at Jamie s House since November 2009, school officials said.

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