GALVESTON-One area that might actually benefit from the Gulf Coast oil disaster is Galveston Island.

As beach vacationers cancel plans east of Louisiana, Island officials hope to reroute some of those travelers to Galveston.

Mike Vara and his family stopped to sit by the water after dinner and are thankful that there s no oil in sight.

It s a shame what happened over there. I hope it all works out for those folks, he says.

The oil flowing east is only partial good news for condo owner Cat Caszatt. She also has property in Alabama.

The oil was going to go one of two ways, either east to Gulf Shores or west to Galveston, she says.

In the past week alone, Caszatt has lost more than $3,000 dollars from renters backing out of their beach plans. Shesaid that the feeling is more helpless than a hurricane.

Before it hits land, you know where it s going to hit. You can plan, make preparations. This oil spill, you can t do that, she says.

Tar balls are already floating up near her Alabama condo. All Caszatt can hope is that the tourists will head west to her Galveston condos.

Caszatt says that she will refund money to anyone with reservations in one of her condos on a beach that's forced to close.

Galveston s Visitors Bureau is sending its message out far and wide that the island is open for business.
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