HOUSTON - Final arguments will begin Monday morning to determine whether convicted cop killer Harlem Lewis will receive life in prison or the death penalty.

It was another emotional day on the stand Friday as the defense wrapped up its effort to keep Lewis off death row.

Lewis' older brother, Sgt. Pierre Cannon with the 101st airborne, was the last witness. He cried as he apologized to the victims families.

The defense has worked to portray Lewis as socially and intellectually challenged.

He s just not equipped to deal with difficult or problematic situations, said Attorney Patrick McCann. He was prevented from developing the social skills that he needed to learn some of those things.

After a one-week trial, it took a Harris County jury just two hours to find a 23-year-old Lewis guilty of capital murder for the death of a Bellaire police officer and an innocent bystander murders recorded on the officer s own police dash camera on Christmas Eve 2 years ago.

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