When you go out to eat, are you the one instagramming everything on the table, or the one rolling your eyes at that person? If you're the latter, you might want to head to Applebee's soon on a Tuesday.

The restaurant chain has applied to trademark the phrase No Tech Tuesday. So a lot people are guessing this means they would make customers put away their phones when they're dining in on Tuesdays. Restaurants often file trademarks ahead of product or program announcements.

Applebee's has declined to comment as to why they applied for the trademark, and a spokesperson for the restaurant told Businessweek there's no connection between No Tech Tuesday and anything actually happening inside the restaurant.

But you have to wonder, if they do get this trademark, what will they be doing with it? Will they take away our phones? Or will it be used as part of some other marketing plan?

The chain is also in the process of installing 100,000 tablets on every table at more than 1,800 of its restaurants by the end of the year. Using these tablets, customers will be able to place orders, and even play games. We'll have to wait and see whether those devices will be allowed on Tuesdays.

No Tech Tuesday wouldn't be the first time a restaurant tried to keep phones away from the table. A restaurant in Los Angeles County announced last year that cell phones aren't allowed. And the APreported in November that a restaurant near Jerusalem will give you a 50% discount if you turn off your phone.

Would you go to a restaurant that didn't allow technology at the table? Let us know in the comments below.

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