UNIVERSAL CITY -- UniversalCity resident Anthony Schneider said he was going to work early this morning when he noticed the body of an animal on the grass by his house.

Schneider said it looked like a skunk at first, but when he got closer to it he realized it was one of their family cats and only half of it was there.

He was positioned on his back sprawled out and there was no remnants of the head or torso, only the pelvic area up to the hind legs, said Schneider.

Schneider said he doesn't understand why anybody would want to do this to their 11-year-old cat, Oliver.

Universal City Police received the call this morning, and said what happened to Oliver was no accident. Universal City Police Lt. Fernando Parra said, It doesn't seem to be animal related. It appears to be done on purpose by a person.

The way the skin was pulled away there were no chew marks, Schneider said. Usually an animal will maul everything and never out in the open. They will drag it somewhere where they can eat it in peace.

The family is hoping that one of the many security cameras they have around their house will get a glimpse of who could've done this to Oliver. 15-year-old AJ is in charge of sifting through about 12 hours of security footage from around the house for any evidence of the alleged crime.

We can't find any trace anywhere else. It's like someone pulled it into the vehicle and only took what they wanted, said Schneider.

All that's left now are some blood stains on the curb, and a family urging neighbors to be more vigilant.

Be more observant of other animals, as well as other strange vehicles especially throughout the night and also if you can, keep your animals in, Schneider said.

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