HOUSTON In the week since we first introduced him, the man who wouldn t take down his American flag has heard from people all over the country, most backing up his stand. Within his apartment community, more flags were popping up with more support pouring out.

They came by and shook my hand and told me thank you, said Duy Tran.

He said he was told to take down his American flag because it s a threat to the Muslim community. But now more flags are popping up in an apparent show of support for the man calling himself a proud patriot.

Duy Tran said he never set out to be a symbol.

I m just standing my ground for the American people, he said.

Tran isn t the only one getting feedback. His apartment complex, the Lodge on El Dorado, has heard an earful this week too.

On Tuesday the complex s corporate CEO Jenifer Paneral responded.

There was never a statement that the flag was a threat to any religious community, or to anyone at any point in time, she said.

When we first tried talking to a property manager last week, she gave KHOU 11 News a written statement, refused to answer any questions and had police escort us off the property.

Paneral is now calling that handling unfortunate. She said this comes down to, a clear violation of our policy.

That s because she said the flag was too big to hang off the balcony railing, where it could fall on someone below. Paneral said the property manager explained that to Tran.

She did refer to other communities, other religious groups in that explanation, but it was just an example of the types of things that were hanging over the balcony, said Paneral. But at no time was there ever a statement that it was a threat to any community.

Tran is standing by his version, that he was told the flag was a threat to the Muslim community and it had to come down from his balcony.

I ll back it up, said Tran. I will take a lie-detector test.

He s since moved his flag off the railing to hang over his porch. That satisfies the complex, and Tran said he would have followed the rules quietly from the start if that were the only thing at stake.

It s not right, said Tran.

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