CYPRESS, Texas Four Langham Creek students are accused of spray painting racist graffiti all over school windows.

The sexually explicit drawings are so obscene and the words are so racist, they can't be shown on TV.

It's appalling and disgusting, said Langham Creek parent Stuart Zettel.

It's offensive to people, said Juan Vega, another parent. It's the 'F-word' followed by the 'N-word. You can figure out the rest.

Can't believe that's happening in school these days especially with those kinds of words, the N-word, said Vega.

According to court documents, Langham Creek seniors Trevor Kimble, Courtland Pelt, Troy Brymer and Sharif Al-Droubi are behind it all. They're now facing graffiti felony charges.

The whole incident was captured on cameras at the school. And the students knew they were there. One student allegedly painted over the top the camera to keep it from recording.

They shouldn't have done that, that's not what Langham is about, said Tabitha Vega.

The students reportedly admitted guilt saying it was supposed to be a funny senior prank. They climbed to the roof, spray painted the windows before dumping the spray cans in a ditch behind the school.

To me it s not a prank, it s a criminal act, said Zettel. Whatever happens they deserve whatever happens to them.

We stopped by all the suspects' homes Monday, but no one answered the door. Meanwhile the district sent us this statement:

We are outraged and disappointed by the nature of the graffiti discovered at Langham Creek High School. This behavior is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated. We are taking this incident very seriously and are cooperating with law enforcement as they conduct their investigation.

A few bad apples make everyone look bad, that's the unfortunate thing, said Zettel.

All four teens are due back in court on July 1.

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