HOUSTON -- Residents fearful of aggressive strays wandering through their southeast Houston community have been calling the city of Houston for months.

The Presbyterian Service Center for the Disabled and Elderly called KHOU 11 News on Thursday. Friday, animal control arrived on Westover Street.

Few things make an animal as aggressive as a new mother protecting her young.

Last Sunday, she had her puppies over by my A/C, said property manager Georgia Thomas. Since then it s gotten grueling.

When the pit bull was in heat, eight or nine dogs roamed the area.

Folks armed themselves with sticks just to go outside.

Her brother kept poking at the dogs so she could get her mail, said Thomas. She hadn t gotten her mail for like four days.

The adult pit bull and two labs, who arrived long before the puppies, had been threatening residents, so residents called the city of Houston.

I ve been calling three months to pick up these dogs, these three dogs, said Thomas.

Friday morning, animal control arrived with dart guns and went to work. Officers used dog food and the pups as bait to attract the mother and it worked. She was hit. Then the trick was to find her.

Resident Warren Wurzburger pitched in.

The dog has already growled and approached several people and these people can t get away from him, said Wurzburger. We have residents that are in wheelchair and on oxygen.

Both labs were recovered, though one hid under a barn.

Animal control officers had to go the extra mile to sedate and recover it. Eventually they also found the sleeping pit bull, who may wakeup to better circumstances.

The dog catcher said she s gonna try and get it rescued out with the pups, said Thomas.

Residents tell us the animals tried but weren t able to bite anyone. Houston has six animal control officers on duty at any one time, catching about 36 animals a day.

The city gets 114 requests for service a day. This month, Houston City Council will consider an additional $2.6 million requested in the city budget to double the number of animal control officers.

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