HUNTSVILLE, Texas -- Mike Tijerina has been working security at West Hill Mall in Huntsville for a year.

Shoplifting is a common crime here, so when he saw a guy walk out of the Lee Baron store with merchandise - and no shopping bag he jumped into action.

Tijerina chased the man, and his accomplice, into the parking lot and to their car.

He says he asked them to step out of the car.

Verbal judo is the best way, nothing physical, said Tijerina.

But when the man got out of the car, he took off running.

Tijerina caught up with him and tackled the man to the ground, and with the help of a by-stander, held him down until Huntsville police arrived.

But it wasn t until a few days later that Tijerina learned exactly who he had caught.

I found it out Monday night when my boss texted me, he said.

Chills went through my body. I didn t know who I was dealing with.

Turns out, it was 22-year old Anthony Johnson.

He was wanted in Houston for the murder of 35-year old Jawon Carson, a father of three.

Back in December, KHOU spoke with Carson s family who begged the public to help them find the person responsible for his death.

Tijerina may have done just that.

I wouldn t call myself a hero, said Tijerina. I just do my job like I m supposed too.

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