HOUSTON More than 90,000 anxious concert-goers attended the Free Press Summer Fest in Houston, but after getting off to an ominous start due to weather, conditions just seemed to worsen for some.

Attendees paid upwards of $168 for admission to the weekend event, but many were thinking they got a less than pleasurable experience in exchange for the pricey ticket.

Despite the muddy mess and swollen Buffalo Bayou nearby, organizers and crews worked hard to set up for the event. Still, the biggest hitch was the weather and it caused major problems for those who came looking for a good time.

The whole field became a mud pot, said L.J. Castro, attendee. It was hard to get to places because most people were tripping and falling down.

It wasn t the rain, but lightning and wind, that forced organizers to order a temporary evacuation of Eleanor Tinsley Park, sending concert-goers to seek shelter for a few hours.

No I m not happy about it. I think it sucks. I think it sucks. It s not raining yet. It s not raining yet. We paid a lot of money, and we want to enjoy the show, another attendee said.

Yesterday they had a rain delay and they said when you bought your ticket there shouldn t be a rain delay, Will Young said.

But as the festival winded down Sunday, there were even more complaints about improvements that some concert-goers feel need to be made.

Maybe more bars, more bathrooms. The people who plan for this, they know better. It gets crowded in certain areas, so something maybe to think about, Castro said.

And parking was also a big issue. Many people parked where they could, only to come back and find their vehicles had been towed.

It was a big topic on social media. Pictures posted to Twitter showed some concertgoers heading to parking garages downtown where they took cover from the storm.

KHOU 11 News asked the festival about whether there would be any refunds given. Organizers said they didn t have an answer on that just yet.

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