BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WHAS11) It s been three weeks since a mother and daughter were killed in their home in the Botland community near Bardstown.

Kathy Netherland and her daughter Samantha s murders are still unsolved.

The teacher for Samantha s second period English class took some extra time to discuss her murder.

She asked the class to give out different memories and thoughts about Samantha and then turned them into a poem which two classmates read at her funeral.

Their class was in room A-7 and titled the poem The Lilly in A-7.

We remember you bright as your hair like the sunshine on a spring day,
Beautiful as your personality,
Vibrant as an elegant rose.
You possessed beauty without vanity.
We remember you much like the seasons blossoming with potential,
A sky bound rocket reaching for the stars,
And yet your humility was almost as tangible as the humidity in the air.
We remember you as a scarlet rose,
Courteous and humble,
An ivory lily, innocent and pure,
Sage for wisdom and morality,
Hollyhock for your lost ambitions.
We remember you as edelweiss, Courageous and devoted.
Chamomile for your patience, an Angelic, inspirational, Flax for all of your kindheartedness,
Salvia blue, we think of you, Zinnia, knowing you're gone.
Rosemary, this do in remembrance of you,
Forget-me-nots, forget you not.
We remember your angelic voice like a blooming floret in the spring,
The way your song would penetrate hearts with joy, how one note could enlighten anyone near.
We remember your eyes shimmering so brightly,
Like the still sunrise of the beautiful ocean, your modest and humble heart that could do no harm.
We remember your smile that lit up the room,
Good destroying evil,
Bright like a summer morning, beautiful, innocent.
Shy, timid, tentative turned ecstatic, joyful.
We remember your silence,
The thing everyone loved about you.
It made you easy to talk to, peaceful like a beautiful orange sunrise.
We remember you bold and canny, beauty of the mind,
A youthful soul who now lives In time.

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