HOUSTON -- You don't have to drive in Houston for long to realize we don't have the best roads. Potholes are a constant obstacle.

You dodge one, you hit two more. That s Houston for you, said Houston resident Joyce Scott.

But now some drivers say construction projects to fix potholes are costing a lot in tire repairs too.

Take the Southwest Freeway frontage road near Buffalo Speedway. It runs right past a busy

Discount Tire shop and too often the store is becoming drivers' new destination when they run into trouble in the construction.

Sometimes the barrels and cones get out into the lanes a little too far and people are trying to swerve around and hit other stuff, said store manager Matt Sauder.

Like the curb. Anita Walley admits she's done it and it s popped her fair share of tires.

I have to pay for tires, said Anita s husband Robert Soto. That s why we re here.

Anita blames it on lanes narrowing too suddenly, and says signs should warn drivers earlier about what they're about to hit.

You don t have that long to scoot over, plus they re doing one lane, said Anita.

A Texas Department of Transportation spokesman told KHOU11 News they always look for public feedback about what's not working, even holding weekly partnering meetings with neighbors near construction sites.

He said they will send someone back out to the Southwest Freeway construction zone to check out the signs and adjust if needed, to take the tire shop off your detour route.

TxDOT says it is rushing to complete the repaving job off Southwest Freeway. It was scheduled to be done early next year, but because of how traveled that road is, officials now hope to finish by November, to cut down driver inconvenience.

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