HOUSTON -- It seemed like the perfect parking solution for some neighbors in a crowded neighborhood where street parking barely exists.

Neighbors learned on Monday night it wasn t a solution at all.

The entire block on Detering, between Dickson and Lacy, was towed in less than an hour. According to neighbors, up to six tow trucks descended on the street and cleared it out right away.

There is a sign on the block that reads no parking, but plenty of neighbors are convinced it is deceiving.

There s no towing signs anywhere. If anything, we should get a ticket first, said Allison Kremer, who had her car towed. I would like some explanation.

Allison Kremer has been parking in this same spot for an entire year.

The area where she was towed from is covered with gravel. She believes that implies it is open for parking.

It just seems silly because it seems like designated parking to me. All of a sudden, it s not designated parking, and they tow all the cars without any warning, said Kremer.

Neighbors say the only sign that used to exist there was one that stated no parking to corner. An additional no parking sign was added within the last year.

Some neighbors feel they should have been notified about the change in rules since it s the only street parking around.

Why didn t they just put warning signs up? This is really neighborhood parking, said neighbor Marilyn Smith. Put your signs right so there is a clear message.

One homeowner, who doesn t want his name published, feels people deserved to get towed. He believes plenty of neighbors have been taking advantage and creating a danger in the neighborhood.

When we as other residents try to come up on busy Detering, where people are speeding, you can t see. You literally have to just hope nobody is there, he explained.

He believes the people who got towed have no excuse.

You don t need signs to know what s safe, he added. If you can t fit your car in your house, get a different car. You bought the house and car, and they didn t match, he said.

Neighbors who see no problem in parking there are wondering why tow everyone now?

KHOU is still trying to get answers as to why the entire block was towed without warning.

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