HOUSTON -- Police are looking for a group of armed men who terrorized employees at two northwest Harris County businesses early Thursday morning.

The robbers first barged into the Denny's restaurant on the Northwest Freeway and pointed guns at the waitresses.

All of a sudden I turned around and it's these guys with masks and guns and their just screaming open the cash register, open the cash register, said Peyton Corcoran.

Corcoran did what she was told and then they forced her into the back and ordered her to open a locked office where the safe is kept. She didn't have a key.

They started screaming, if you don't open the door, we are going to shoot.

Despite their threats, the robbers didn't shoot her.

They pistol whipped another employee and stole her cell phone.

Moments after that robbery, Harris County deputies got a call about three armed suspects at a Stripes Gas Station on Tomball Parkway.

The suspects jumped over the counter, stole cash and cigarettes.

They then ran out of the store and fired a weapon into the air to intimidate employees.

Investigators think it's likely the same men who robbed the Stripes store also held up the Dennys.

It was terrible, said Corcoran. I didn't think it was real at first.

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