SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- From New York to South Texas - A man thousands of miles away from San Antonio said a KENS 5 story that went national touched his heart.

Due to his generosity, a SAPD officer and a young boy will get a chance to bond, big-league style.

The 12-year-old from the city's south side and a person he considers a hero got a chance to reunite this week.

J.J. we meet again, said SAPD officer Neil Rocha as he shook the boy's hand.

Officer Rocha signed a new basketball he got for JJ Aguirre on Friday. KENS 5 brought you their story in late March. Rocha saw J.J. playing basketball alone so he decided to go on break and play a little one-on-one.

J.J.'s mom caught it all on her cell phone.

It was just meant for my friends and family (to see) that s it and to show the coaches he does practice, said Monice Aguirre about the video she posted on Facebook.

The video quickly picked up steam on the internet and the KENS 5 story reached a man in New York.

He told us he would pay for J.J., his family and the officer to watch a SPURS game. However, it turns out Spurs Sports and Entertainment was also touched by the story so they already donated the tickets.

Officer Rocha delivered the news to the family as a surprise.

We would like to take you and your family to see a Spurs game, said the officer.

J.J. was speechless.

For real, said the boy. For real on the 11th (of April), the officer reassured him.

J.J. turned to his mother excited and hugged her. We re going to a spurs game, yelled J.J.

His mother turned emotional while speaking to our camera.

I think in general cops need to be involved in the community they always have a bad rap, said the mom.

Officer Rocha agreed he wants to break the stereotype, which is why he took the time to throw a few baskets with a boy he didn't know.

Stop (and) talk to the community we are here to serve and protect, he said.

J.J. said he's ready for a rematch since officer Rocha won the last game but more than anything he's just happy to find a good role model.

Hopefully from here me and J.J. become good friends, Rocha said to Ms. Aguirre.

We re already good friends, replied J.J. quickly.

Since the the Spurs Sports and Entertainment donated the tickets to the family, the man from New York decided to give a thousand dollars worth of Spurs bucks to the family.

He insisted on remaining anonymous.

Thanks to the Spurs family, J.J. and officer Rocha will get their rematch inside the AT&T Center.

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