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HOUSTON -- A 19-year old-security guard, JimMartinez, witnessedthe six masked suspectsstorminto the Diamond Pawn shop. At least three were armed with guns drawn.

When they first walked in, they flashed a gun at everybody telling them to get down. Screaming and cussing at everyone, said Martinez, a Texas Seven security guard.

The suspects worked together. While one got the cash out of the drawer, the other smashed the glass in the jewelry case. Surveillance video shows a customer running out to safety.

That one tried to grab me and tried to hold me in the store, but I broke free from him. And I ran, said the customer, who wished to remain anonymous.

That customergot away and called for help, with the gunmen still ransacking the place.

The other guy started grabbing the shotguns, said Martinez.

Cameras caught the suspects fleeing through the front door, but not before Martinez shot at them.

They returned fire from the truck taking off and just shooting right through the walls, said Martinez.

The whole ordeal took less than five minutes. Everybody in the store was thankful no one was injured and all the customers got out safely.

I ran. I wasn't trying to see anything. I was trying to save my life soI could live another day to see my kids, said the customer.

The pawn shop owner chased the suspect as they fled in a stolen pickup. They ditched it a few blocks away where they then got into a silver or grey Impala and took off.

The owner, whose shop has been robbed before, is now offering a cash reward for information.

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