ALVIN, Texas -- On County Road 904 in Alvin, you'll find a nursing home called Caring Country Cottage.

The owners are Pam Hixon and her husband Jeff. Their reason for opening the business last year was simple.

I wanted to make a difference, admitted Pam.

Lately, making that difference meant adding a few special touches so the Hixon's decided to remodel part of the home.

So this is the bathroom that they've made, Pam told us as we were lead into a messy, unfinished bathroom.

The work stopped and Pam hadn't heard from her contractor for more than two weeks.

This is the moment she got emotional because she had to turn away a potential client because the room wasn't ready.

When they take the money, you're stuck, she told us fighting back tears.

Pam forked over nearly $7,000 for renovations that she was told would be complete by the beginning of March.

I mean this is elderly people, said Pam. They are going to be living here. This is their home. He wouldn't do this to his own home.

Pam admits she had no written deal with Gulf Coast General Contractors. She simply met the owner, Brian Hood, working across the street and they verbally agreed to the job.

KHOU made repeated attempts to contact Hood. He eventually got in touch with us. He said that he had been out of town and had some personnel issues.

He also told us that he would contact the Hixon's and either finish the job or give them a refund.

A day later, Pam shared an e-mail she said she received from Hood. In the e-mail, he apologized but claimed his crew packed up and quit on him.

He also said he would refund an agreed amount of $3,770 by the end of next week, but insisted that he would need all the media and other sources contacted to drop their stories.

Pam didn't agree to the deal because she doesn't want this to happen to anyone else. She admitted that it will be tough, but they'll figure out a way to get the job done.

It's going to have to sit there until we can save up for it pretty much, she said.

It turns out, this is more than making a difference to Pam. It's also about doing the right thing.

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