HOUSTON An Iraq war veteran is heartbroken after her registered service dog was stolen from her car.

Blanka Stratford is visiting Houston from Canton, Mass., a suburb outside of Boston.

Stratford went out for food and drinks with a high school friend in Montrose on Saturday night.

She left her dog, Spencer, inside her parked car on Fargo Street between Stanford and Hopkins. When she returned, Spencer was gone and her laptop and camera were missing, too.

It took me so long to process that he s not physically here anymore, explained Blanka Stratford. This dog keeps me sane. I want my dog back.

Stratford says she turns to Spencer to cope with severe PTSD. She s been out posting fliers all over the area and hasn t slept since the theft.

I m willing to offer all the money in my bank. I have $2,000 right now. I have a really nice bike. I ll give my bike. I ll give my car. I don t care, said Stratford.

Stratford admits she left her windows slightly cracked open, but isn t entirely sure how the crook got into her car. She has gone to the police. However, she assures the thief that she won t press charges if her dog is returned safely.

I don t care what kind of excuse they come up with. I m not asking questions. I m not out to get this person.

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