HOUSTON Two local pastors have drastically different opinions about a federal court s ruling on gay marriage.

We think he s wrong, said Reverend Dave Welch, Executive Director of the Texas Pastor Council. Traditional marriage and traditional families are the bedrock of our community or our society and we have to defend and fight for it to remain so.

On the other side of the argument is Reverend Samuel Todd of Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church.

It s probably a good thing, said Todd. The fact that gays can get married doesn t undermine heterosexuals getting married.

On Wednesday a federal judge struck down the Texas law defining marriage as solely between a man and a woman. The judge stayed his ruling pending the outcome of an appeal that Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has already promised to pursue.

So for now, the Texas amendment banning gay marriage remains the law of the land. But Houston Mayor Annise Parker, who recently wed her long-time partner in California, applauded the court's ruling.

I m pleased that this federal used the very same reasoning I used in order to issue my directive that the city of Houston would recognize legal spouses, said Parker. This is one more step in the long path to the Supreme Court.

It s also one more battle to be waged not just in the courts but also among clergy.

We re going to continue to stand firm for what we believe is the rule of law, said Welch.

I think fidelity is in itself a blessing, said Todd.

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