You can't make it to the Super Bowl without a committed owner behind the team, and the Seahawks have that in spades with Paul Allen. KING 5 s Jean Enersen spoke to him about his remarkable team and this remarkable season.

It feels fantastic, it really feels fantastic, Allen said. Obviously I feel great, but you know for whole city and all the fans all the 12's, and the team, and coaching staff, and everybody that contributed to make this happen.

Paul Allen is a gracious man. He credits players, coaches and fans - not himself - with the victory.

What does he want to say to the fans?

Just just thank you so much, he said And it was an incredible, such an incredible year, and I just remember the thunderous chants, and the real intimidation that they were able to bring to CenturyLink.

As the team owner, Allen knows how tough it has been to get to this point.

It's just been an amazing year and all of those games are kind of burned in my mind, especially the home games, the intensity, the intensity of the fans and the emotion and the feeling in the locker room was just extraordinary, he said.

The amazing thing about Sunday was the execution of the game was so unbelievably, was so unbelievably good, and I saw that focus and intensity leading up to the Super Bowl, but then to see it all come together, and steamroll and snowball the way it did, was fantastic.

The victory, in a way, starts with the 12th Man and a stadium that is rooted in Allen's childhood.

I went to the Husky games with my father as a kid, and that was kind of my seminal sports experience was Husky football, and that's why when we built CenturyLink I was so focused and excited about having an outdoor stadium, he said.

Allen doesn't dismiss the idea that CenturyLink could host a Super Bowl or that the Seahawks could win two - or more - Super Bowls in a row, but for now he's still like most of us, just trying to grasp what happened on Sunday.

You have those dreams, but when they become real, you just really have to pinch yourself and think about the thread that took you from throwing the football around with your dad in the Ravenna district, to being in a Super Bowl victory parade, that s an amazing journey, said Allen.

I've watched the game over, I have to admit I've watched a few times, and I kid people that no matter how many times I watch it that we still won, the outcome doesn't change.

Allen said even though he is savoring the moment, he already has 20 questions for John Schneider the team's general manager about next year.

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