HOUSTON -- The Houston Independent School District is evaluating student learning environments, enrollment data and demographic patterns to determine the best way to create better and stronger schools.

Based on a comprehensive study completed recently by district demographic experts, HISD is proposing the closure or repurposing of five campuses at the end of the school year. The proposal includes Dodson, Nathaniel Q. Henderson and Port Houston elementary schools, Fleming Middle School and Jones High School. Billy Reagan K-8 is set to be re-zoned because of changing patterns in its neighborhoods.

The proposed plan will allow enrollment and resources to be better distributed across campuses.

The biggest problem at Jones High School is its dwindling student population.

Over the years, parents in the South park neighborhoods have been sending more of their children to other high schools.

Because some people have elders and they are not able to drive to Sterling or Worthing, or maybe they don t have money to put their kids on the bus or something like that, said Teranesha Jenkins, a Jones High School senior.

The District says it hopes to create better and stronger schools by closing those with enrollment issues.

While these types of changes are always difficult, it s important that we constantly evaluate enrollment levels to utilize our facilities to best serve our students, said HISD Superintendent Terry Grier.

In the coming days, each campus will host a community meeting to answer questions and gather important feedback from families and community members. This information will be presented to the board for a final decision on each proposal. Trustees are expected to vote on the proposals at their March 13 board meeting.

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