HOUSTON -- Neighbors in the Rice Military community near Memorial Park are on the lookout for a man who s been caught on camera rifling through people s garbage cans.

According to several residents, the man appears to be specifically searching for paper documents.

The neighborhood has been vigilant in speaking out against crime in the community, and neighbors are using social media to alert the community about these latest sightings.

Once you push that garbage can to the curb, it isn t really yours anymore. Somebody can go through it legally , which sucks, but that s the way it is, said neighbor Carlin Klein.

Carlin Klein says he s chased people away from his trash bin on numerous occasions.

He believes neighbors should be cognizant of how much personal information can be found in the garbage.

Depending on the amount of personal information, that can be a gold mine for a thief, explained Carlin Klein.

Surveillance cameras have caught criminals in other recent neighborhood cases up to no good in people s garbage cans.

In one recent case, a man is seen digging an object out of someone s trash and using it to break into a car.

It seems like if there was some concerted effort to snatch two, three or four people doing this stuff, most of this crime would probably go away, said neighbor Robert Henriksen.

Robert Henrikson s home was recently broken into while he was sleeping. He s also had his car burglarized on numerous occasions.

He feels the neighborhood can t rely on police and believes neighbors should do what s possible to protect themselves.

Criminals are going to do whatever s easy, said Henriksen. You may shred documents for six months and then taper off and quit the practice.

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