HOUSTON The fire captain who was injured battling a 5-alarm blaze at a southwest Houston motel that killed four of his comrades is back in the hospital, his wife said Monday.

Houston Fire Department Captain Bill Dowling was released from the hospital in November. Captain Dowling lost both of his legs and suffered brain damage after getting trapped in the fire on May 31, which has become known as the deadliest day in the Houston Fire Department s 118-year history.

Dowling was trapped in the fire with his legs pinned by burning debris. He was awake and alert when he was rescued and shouted to his fellow firefighters to let his wife know he would be okay, but his condition began to worsen soon after. After the medical amputation and he began to awake from several weeks of sedation, it became apparent that he suffered hypoxia. The condition left him barely able to communicate.

After months of rehab, the captain is was allowed to return to the comforts of his own home, but faced a long road of recovery.

On Monday a post on Jacki Dowling s Facebook page asked for prayers:

We need prayer warriors to unite! Bill is back in the hospital for uncontrollable pain. In the last 4 days, his pain has continued to get worse and worse. I took him to the ER last night, and he s been cleared of anything blood work wise. I really feel like it s nerve pain or phantom pains, but I have never seen him hurt this much. Last night and today was unbearable to watch, and the worst is that no pain medicine will touch it. I have been going back and forth with God today to take away his pain, give it to me, he s been through enough, why him again?. Through all this, I know that there is a bigger picture that will be revealed. I don t understand it, but I trust that God s got a plan. Please rally around Bill. I pray that we will find answers soon, and that God will guide the doctors in the right direction!

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