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LIVINGSTON, Texas - A man accused of trying to break into vehicles in a Walmart parking lot northeast of Houston led officers on a chase that lasted nearly two hours late Sunday, police said.

Officials said Livingston police were called to Highway 59 at Highway 190 where the suspect jumped into his Toyota Corolla and fled northbound on the freeway. Police said the man was traveling between 70 and 90 mph. He eventually made a u-turn and started heading southbound on 59 through Livingston again.

Texas DPS troopers joined in the pursuit along with officers from Cleveland and Liberty County. Montgomery County deputies managed to flatten two of the suspect s tires using a spike strip as more officers joined in.

The suspect exited 59 at FM-1960 where Humble, Houston and Harris County Precinct 4 and Harris County Sheriff s units joined into the pursuit.

The man continued at very slow speeds into the Deerbrook Mall parking lot before he went back to FM-1960 to Lee Road and then back to 59.

The suspect s vehicle eventually gave out and he was arrested without further incident.

He was not immediately identified. Officers said he d be taken back to Livingston to face charges.

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