HOUSTON Health officials from all over the Greater Houston area are comparing notes so doctors know what to look out for after discovering that six people have died from the H1N1 virus.

Some families are hoping this news will help solve the mystery of their loved ones deaths. Families are comparing stories, too.

The Folk family believes that H1N1 might have caused their loved one s death.

Levi Folk tries to make sense out of how he lost his wife, Linda.

To this day I want a final report of what really happened just for closure, Folk said.

Linda Folk was 52 and did not drink and lived an active lifestyle, so her husband was sure she would beat the flu-like symptoms she got just before Thanksgiving.

She was hurting and to me it wasn t really quite normal. I kept thinking she was going to beat it beat it beat it, Folk said. But she didn t and about two weeks later Linda Folk died at the hospital.

I was outside the room and watching what was transpiring and the doctor came out and told me there s nothing more we can do, the husband said.

Her family in Pasadena is now watching all they can about the local cases of H1N1 that have left six dead and 14 other critically ill. H1N1 was once known as swine flu.

I m not sure if they are looking into her case or not. We just hope that Harris County has reported that this is similar to what Montgomery County was having, Kim Robinson, Linda s younger sister, said.

Robinson said at first doctors told them it was the flu a second test came back negative and doctors believed she had pneumonia that led to organ failure.

It s just unexplainable for the healthy person to go from this to be deceased at such a young age, the sister said.

They hope to get answers about Linda, but also want to share her story so other families are in the know.

Doctors say this year s flu vaccine contains the strain of H1N1 that s circulating, so you should definitely get the shot if you haven t already.

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