CYPRESS, Texas Coles Crossing shopping center in Cypress has become a prime target for burglars.

Business after business was burglarized at the shopping center. Owners tell us at least a dozen have been hit.

Customers and business owners are shocked because they all know each other on a first name basis.

Most of the burglaries have been caught on surveillance cameras. It shows one man caught on camera breaking into Patios Pizza. He grabs the register and slams it on the ground and starts stomping on it.

We're a small operation, we can't take those hits. This is tough for us, said the owner of Patios Pizza.

Right next door Natural Dawg Cuisine was also hit. Cameras caught a man kicking and breaking the front door of the business and making his way to the register. He slams the drawer on the ground to get the money out.

The man had no disguise.

They have no fear, that's a fear for a shop owner because when someone is that fearless you feel endangered said Kathy Hansen, the owner of Natural Dawg Cuisine.

The folks at Color Me Mine, a ceramic painting business next door, was also hit. In that case, the man used a rock to break in and ransack the place. When things go from bad, it brings everyone at Coles Crossing closer together.

We spent an entire day explaining to community and customers about awareness of what s going on, Hansen said.

Business owners think it's more than one person doing this, possibly even a few groups.

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