AUSTIN, Texas-- Texans voted to approve nine proposed constitutional amendments during the Nov. 5 statewide referendum. Here is a summary of the amendments:

Proposition 1: Provides property tax breaks to the spouses of military veterans killed in the line of duty. APPROVED.

Proposition 2: Eliminates requirements for a State Medical Education Board and a State Medical Education Fund, neither of which is operational. APPROVED.

Proposition 3: Extends tax exemptions for aircraft parts brought into the state for resale, APPROVED.

Proposition 4: Provides property tax exemptions for disabled military veterans and their spouses. APPROVED.

Proposition 5: Expands reverse mortgage lending. APPROVED.

Proposition 6: Authorizes the state to tap up to $2 billion from its savings account to create the State Water Infrastructure Fund. APPROVED.

Proposition 7: Allows the appointment of city leaders when an elected official resigns with less than a year left in office. APPROVED.

Proposition 8: Increases the taxing authority of a Hidalgo County hospital district. APPROVED.

Proposition 9: Expands the powers of the state commissioner on judicial conduct. APPROVED.

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