HOUSTON Apple is reportedly preparing to unveil a new iPad and iPad Mini in the next week or two; also, Netflix is talking to cable operators about a new offering. This and more in today s Tech Talk...

== New iPads on the way ==

Apple could unveil its new iPad 5 at an event next Tuesday, Oct. 22. According to a CNET report, the new tablet will look mostly similar to the current iPad, but it will have a faster processor. It ll also be thinner and lighter. Although the iPad 6 (coming out in 2014 or so) is rumored to have a larger, higher quality display, the fifth-generation iPad will likely not be any larger than 9.7 inches. Other rumors suggest it will have better battery life and a better camera with a slow-motion feature. It ll likely start at $499 and come out in November.

As for the new iPad Mini 2, it will reportedly feature a retina display and a faster processor.

Of course, all of these specs are just rumors from employees and analysts within the tech industry. Apple hasn t confirmed anything -- not even the date of the unveiling.

== Netflix talking to cable operators ==

The Wall Street Journal reports Comcast and other cable TV providers are in talks with Netflix about adding a streaming service to set-top boxes. This would allow customers to watch both live/cable TV and Netflix streaming through their cable box. It s a love-hate relationship since many people who have cut the cord say they turned to Netflix to save money. Even if Netflix makes an appearance in set-top boxes, it won t be for quite a while.

== Yahoo! Mail complaints ==

The new Yahoo! Mail launched last week, and the good news (for those who welcome change) is the revamp looks a lot like the more successful Gmail service. The bad news is some users have reported issues with the new layout. Many logged in only to find their e-mail inbox empty. Apparently a glitch forwarded all incoming mail to some users' alternate address. Yahoo! didn t official comment on the apparent issue but responded to some complaints about it via Twitter.

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