MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas -- A New Caney woman is suing the county claiming her civil rights were violated.

Perla Carr never wanted to be part of an online reality police show called Texas Takedown, but they were recording the night she and her son were arrested on marijuana charges in September 2011.

It was unbelievable, Carr said. How could this be?

The stars of the show are members of the Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables office and all of the footage is shot in East Montgomery County.

As embarrassing as it was, Carr is now using that video in a federal lawsuit recently filed against the constables office and the Montgomery County District Attorney's office.

They lied in court about how they proceeded to enter the house, Carr said. They said we met them at the door. They broke in the house.

The Montgomery County Attorney tells KHOU 11 News that the officers had every legal right to enter. They smelled marijuana, saw it through the window and even checked with the DA before breaking in.

Carr's attorney Randall Kallinen said the officers changed their story along the way. Kallinen also claims the officers lied about their guns.

They said they didn't even have laser sights on their guns, Kallinen said. The video once again shows laser sights on both of them.

Carr is seeking an unspecified amount of money in the suit. She has since moved out of the house featured on the show.

The drug case against Carr was dropped for lack of evidence.

Her son is still dealing with the charge, but a district judge in his case has ruled that the officers did nothing wrong.

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