MAGNOLIA, Texas -- When Tandra Baker, 35, recently moved to Magnolia, she sought out a doctor for depression, but she said her insurance provider told her they could not find anyone who could help.

That none of the doctors out here take my insurance, Baker said.

So in a moment of frustration, she gave them a piece of her mind.

This is why people go off and commit suicide all the time cause you all can t seem to help anybody, Baker said.

She claims she was just being sarcastic.

Trying to get my point across, Baker said.

The comment, however, led to a chain reaction. Two Montgomery County deputies were soon at her door performing a welfare check.

Baker insisted she was fine. Yet, she was growing madder by the minute, and her husband said that one of the deputies appeared to be too.

He told me that, I don t get paid to be verbally abused, said Joseph Baker, Tandra s husband.

Joseph said his wife was soon in handcuffs and being shoved into a cruiser. When she did not go quietly, he said the deputy pulled her out of the vehicle and threw her to the ground.

He described the deputy as a big guy while his wife is about 4 11 .

The impact fractured her jaw, knocked out several teeth, and triggered a seizure.

He almost broke her neck, Joseph said. It s the worst thing in the world to see that happen to your wife.

He claims there were more seizures at the hospital. The Bakers since hired an attorney and have filed a complaint against the deputy.

I wouldn t want anybody I know to go through this, Joseph said. He s going to hurt or kill somebody else.

He shouldn t be a cop, Tandra said.

The mother of five is now at home with her children and has not been charged with a crime. She said the episode gives her nightmares.

The Montgomery County Sheriff s Department is conducting an internal investigation while the deputy in question remains on the job.

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