Former Army Major Nidal Hasan is headed to death row, sentenced Wednesday for killing 13 and wounding 32 others during the 2009 mass shooting at Fort Hood. With the verdict and sentence comes a new outrage.

The images of the military massacre are hard to forget, but that is precisely what the victims and their families want for Hasan.

After a military jury announced his punishment, Kerry Cahill, the daughter of a slain soldier said the best for that man is to be forgotten.

That is unlikely. Hasan's infamy is attracting a new kind of attention. A letter he wrote from jail is now up for sale.

For someone who didn't speak during the entire trial this is the most probably anybody in the public will actually hear him actually echo or voice, said City of Houston Crime Advocate Andy Kahan.

Kahan was appalled when he found it on the aptly named website DarkVomit, which sells items from notorious criminals.

KHOU 11 News contacted the website operator who told us, by e-mail, the letter was a reply to a college student studying criminology who wrote Hasan to understand his motive.

But in Hasan's reply, the former army major gave study tips adding, I am trying to concentrate on being good so I can go to Heaven. Eternity is a long time and I don't want to spend it in hell.

Kahan coined the term murderabilia to describe these dark collectibles, and has been fighting to prevent such sales.

He also questions if the pen pal is really just someone out for a quick buck.

I have to question the validity of whoever's corresponding, Kahan said.

The website is asking $5,000 for the letter and says all the proceeds will go to a charity.

Claiming proceeds are going to be going to an unnamed nonprofit that assists veterans, Kahan said. You know how many times I've seen that kind of line? You know I'm sorry it s just not going to sell.

The website would not name the charity, but said the buyer would get the donation receipt and the postmarked stamped envelope the letter came in to verify authenticity.

In Texas, inmates cannot profit from their crime, but that does not apply to brokers.

Hasan accurately predicted in his letter that he would get the death penalty.

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