HOUSTON The trendy Midtown neighborhood is one of the hippest, most happening places in Houston. But lately, criminalshave decided they like it, too.

City records reveal there have been nearly 30 burglaries, robberies or assaults within the past 30 days.

On Monday night alone, there were two armed robberies in the area most residents consider relatively safe.

It doesn t even faze me to go out in the middle of the night, resident Matt Nelson said.

Nelson s sense of security took a hit when a man walked up to him around 10 p.m. with a gun near the complex where he lives and demanded money.

Gave him my wallet and he patted me down to see if I had a phone on me and I didn t, Nelson said.

Residents say the bad guys vandalize too.

On Friday, the tires were stolen off a truck near Andrews and Arthur. Ryan Lee lives nearby.

I feel bad for our neighbors who feel unsafe to simply walk around our usually safe neighborhood, Lee said. We live three blocks from HPD headquarters and can see City Hall from our kitchen. We need some sort of police presence.

Lee is concerned too many people may soon start arming themselves.

I really don t want Midtown turning into the Wild West he said.

HPD is aware and investigating, as residents are becoming more aggressive.

Lee said neighbors are using social media to warn each another and plan to install security cameras soon.

Nelson said he plans to obtain his Concealed Handgun License.

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