HOUSTON -- Royal Oaks Country Club Head Golf Pro Ryan Polzin has been busy greeting well-wishers regularly, ever since he clinched a spot in pro golf s final major tournament of the year, the PGA Championship.

This is every PGA Golf Professional s dream, me included. I m sort of living vicariously through him, said Royal Oaks General Manager David Altemus. To be able to qualify for the PGA Championship, one of the four majors, are you kidding me?

That s exactly what the 33-year-old Polzin did this last week, by finishing second in the PGA PRO National Championship.

Well, you know you re living the dream, said Polzin. It was fun. I mean, it s as close to being a celebrity as you get to at this point.

Royals Oaks members have been totally supportive of Polzin s playing exploits, but that hasn t stopped them from needling him a bit. Polzin said, They like to tease me cause I never practice. I don t even play that much.

When Polzin does get some practice in, Royal Oaks Director of Instruction Jim Phenicie works with him. To make it a complete Royal Oaks experience, last week Polzin had 15-year-old Owen Mann, the son of a club member, caddying for him.

To be able to watch him in a tournament situation was unbelievable, Mann said. The way he operated on the golf course was unbelievable.

So what exactly are Polzin s expectations for Oak Hill in August?

Just stay who I am, Polzin said. I m not going to get all ahead of myself and think I m the king of the world. I m still the head golf pro here at Royal Oaks and I m still going to teach lessons and work with everybody. But I m going to enjoy it. I m going to walk with a smile on my face whether I shoot 62 or 92. I m just going to have fun.

Which is what got Polzin there in the first place.

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