SOUTHWEST HOUSTON -- Is there mayhem on Metro buses? From fist fights to shattered windows, to shootings and a man wearing fake bombs, authorities are investigating a rash of violent crimes on Metro buses.

A Metro source tells KHOU 11 News that they are investigating more than a dozen cases of shooting at buses.

In some cases, the windows were blown out.

Ooh Lord, it was loud, said Joy Walton as she was a stop away from home on W. Airport Boulevard near Fondren when the window smashed. It was like force, like knock you back forth.

Walton said she was knocked back from her seat and got glass in her left eye from whatever caused the damage.

A Metro source said that they are investigating 16 cases of buses being shot at, either with bullets of BB's since mid-March in the Bellaire/Gessner area.

Officially, Metro said they are only aware of one shooting and that rocks were being thrown in all of the other cases.

Our source also revealed a picture of a rider who appears to be wearing suspicious devices on and off buses. That's also scaring passengers.

The source said they know who the passenger is and he could be charged soon.

Walton has a warning for anyone boarding a Metro bus: Be careful. Watch your surroundings.

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