HOUSTON - Last week, Twitter and PeopleBrowsr (no second e ) settled a lawsuit over your tweets in a deal worth $1 million a year.

In a court filing, PeopleBrowsr said it now pays about $1 million dollar a year for access to Twitter s data. We re not talking about hidden messages, your email address, or even worse, your identity. It s all about public tweets.

Big companies like to analyze everything that s being talked about online, so they know how, when, and where to best market their message. For instance, some companies may want to know what stores older adults tend to tweet about. Others may want to know what products young men complain about the most -- and so on.

On its official blog, PeopleBrowsr says it s been saving tweets since 2008. They re not the only ones with access to a massive amount (or firehose ) of Twitter data, however. Twitter s developers page says more than a dozen companies pay to access this kind of information.

Yes, Twitter may sell its data for millions, but they re not the only social network marketers pay attention to. Facebook is also monitored, but since more people lock down their privacy settings on Facebook, many consider it less effective when it comes to getting public opinion on a trending topic.

Remember friends, what you tweet will always be out there somewhere, even if you delete that tweet!

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