AUSTIN -- Police have charged a teenager with fatally stabbing his mother inNorth Austin.

Raul Rodriguez-Cortez, 17, was charged Friday with murder.

Police arrived at the Creekwood Village Apartments on Anderson Lane around 6 p.m. Thursday, April 25, and found Maribel Cortez, 35, stabbed to death in her son's bedroom.

Cortez's young daughter told police that on the morning of the murder, her mother told her to go to her grandmother's house after school. Raul, the girl's brother, told her to not go to her grandmother's and that he would pick her up from school instead.

Later that day, Raul picked up the girl and a friend from school and they walked to a nearby recreation center. The girl told police that when she and the friend wanted to go home,Raul stalled and didn't want them going to the family's apartment. Raul finally let the girl inside once her friend headed home.

Raul reportedly told his sister to not go into the bathroom, and told her that he and their mother, Maribel, had gotten into a heated argument.He said Maribel had a heart attack and died.

When Raul left to go pick up their other brother, the girl says she noticed that the clothes he was wearing earlier in the day were on the floor in the bathroom.

The girl went to Raul's room and tried to open the door, but something was in the way. When she finally pushed her way through the door, she found her mother stabbed and covered in blood.

The girl immediately called 911. Meanwhile her other brother had gone to their grandmother's house and told police that Raul never came to pick him up.

Later that night Raul was pulled over for a traffic stop in Blanco County. He was arrested and charged with marijuana possession and failure to ID. His mother's purse, wallet and cell phone were found in his car.

Raul's bond has been set at $250,000. Police say he has a history of mental illness and has made several threats to harm himself. His aunt told police that Maribel recently told her Raul had made threats against her as well.

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