HOUSTON -- Imagine opening an ordinary paper book and it comes to life with color videos, images, and information from the web.

It s a new technology in the works right now by researchers at Fujitsu. uploaded a demo video to YouTube, showing how the interface transfers data between the real world and the virtual world.

Simply put, you can place a piece of paper or a book on this special table and then use your fingers to crop certain parts into a computer. You can even point to certain sections of the book to get more info about the text or a photograph it s all up to what the programmer puts in. The information you request is then displayed by a projector on the areas surrounding the paper.

Even better, the camera that monitors your hand movements for commands is so accurate, its makers say it knows the difference between gestures and simply turning a page.

The people made this say it could one day be used in places like government offices where you fill out forms. Little interactive guides could pop up to assist you, or the information you write down could even be collected on the spot.

This means you likely won t see this product on the Best Buy shelf, but don t be surprised if you see something like thispop up in a shopping mall kiosk near you sometime in the future.

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