HOUSTON A shooting that left an employee dead at a seafood restaurant on Saturday afternoon has investigators puzzled with witnesses saying that they heard the gunshot, but did not see anything.

Investigators with the Harris County Sheriff s Office said that the shooting happened at about 3 p.m. at the B&D Crawfish and Seafood near Bellaire Boulevard and Sugar Land Howell Road in southwest Harris County. The restaurant has been around for a while, but it s under new management.

Witnesses heard a single gunshot. They went back to investigate and found an employee who was in the back shot one time to the head lying on the floor, said Robert Spurgeon, HCSO Homicide Unit.

Investigators said the victim, Julio Xocol-Panquim, was a cook. Hewas found dead in the kitchenand the back door was open. No one saw the shooting or a suspect fleeing, so investigators spent hours interviewing the people who were in the restaurant at the time.

Investigators went so far as to bag their hands to check for gunshot residue, and at one point handcuffed a man,butreleased him a short time later.

My business just yesterday morning was broken into, Nadeen Ghazali, a business owner, said.

Ghazali and his wife own a business just across the street and they say recently the neighborhood has been in decline.

We are really afraid of what s going on for the past two or three months, Hurmira Ghazali said.

Even at closing time, we make it a point to never be by ourselves, because as soon as it gets dark you have to have somebody there with you, Nadeen Ghazali said.

The county s DNA team was also on the scene. No word yet on whether they have developed any strong leads.

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