HOUSTON - You mayhave never heard of Pheed, but your kids probably have.

Available as both a traditional website and iPhone app (Android is coming soon), Pheed is what some people say teens are ditching Facebook for. It was recently at the top of the Apple App Store in the social networking category. Earlier this year growth was so explosive, they had to temporarily put a hold on registrations.

Despite its name, the main screen isn t anything like a Facebook feed. Instead, Pheed has what it calls a stream, and it s entertainment focused. You can select from specific artists, celebs, and just friends to tell Pheed what you want to see in your stream.

Miley Cyrus is already on Pheed, and she has 200,000+ followers.

Unlike many social networks, the rights of whatever you upload to Pheed (photos, music, video, etc.) still belong exclusively to you. In addition, Pheed has a live video stream option.

Parents keep an eye on your kids. Anyone 13 and up can register for Pheed, but those under 18 (as per federal law) should get their parents permission. The site says uploaders of content are responsible for rating their content from G, PG, PG-13, and even R.

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