HARRIS COUNTY -- Residents of a northwest Harris County apartment complex are looking for more security after a series of break-ins. The latest was an attempted home invasion of an apartment with a four-week-old baby inside.

With a newborn in the home, Maurice McNaulty knows to expect the unexpected, but nothing prepared him for this.

I heard a knock on the door, McNaulty said. They kept knocking on the door. I kept looking through the peephole and I could not see anybody.

Four-week-old Bella had just finished a bottle and fallen asleep.

The knocking didn t stop.

I moved my baby. I got the knife. I waited by the door and next thing I know somebody with a crow bar is trying to get in the door, McNaulty said.

Little Bella slept right through it.

They are pushing on the door and I hold them back, said McNaulty. I had my phone in my hand and I called the cops and they are still trying to get in and I said, You know, my kid is in here.

That s when the maintenance man saw the commotion and yelled at the young men trying to break in. The four suspects -- including the one with a gun -- ran away.

What if it was me or what if they would have gotten in, said little Bella s mother Gloria Kelly. I wouldn t have been here to do something or...I don t know.

McNaulty said it took deputies more than 20 minutes to respond to the 911 call. When sheriff s deputies finally arrived, the four men were gone.

It seemed like they didn t care, Kelly said. You know, same thing ok. There is nobody here to arrest. Let s go.

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