HOUSTON -- Police are searching for the person(s) who murdered at Houston man on his birthday.

Officials said Eloy Montemayor's body was found at his home in the 3700 block of Sparks Street in northeast Houston, just hours after he had celebrated his birthday with family and friends.

Police said the victim was found Monday morning by neighbors who had come to check on him and wish him a happy birthday.

Crime scene investigators said it appears he had been beaten to death.

We think he was assaulted with some type of weapon, said Houston police Sgt. Thaddius Pool. Once homicide detectives arrived, they quickly learned there had been a birthday party for the victim and

his mother at the house Sunday night.

They were celebrating both birthdays with a cookout, said Sgt. Pool. Family and friends were over. He was last seen alive around 2:00 or 3:00 p.m. this morning with a couple of people of interests.

The motive investigators believe is robbery which shocks the victim s close friends.

I don't know who would have done this, said the victim s friend, Monica Castillo. He is just so friendly. He would have taken his shirt off for you if you needed it.

Adrian Hernandez was at the birthday party. He says nothing seemed out of the ordinary

Everybody was getting along, said Adrian Hernandez. No confrontations. No nothing.

While a Harris County Medical Examiner s Office DNA team searched for additional evidence at the scene, detectives continued to interview people who were at the party.

So there were three of them left at the home when the last two witnesses that I have left, said Sgt. Pool.

Those two people are the ones police desperately want to talk to now.

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