HOUSTON Michael Brown, the former hand surgeon, was sentenced Friday to serve jail time for failing to pay child support. Brown was found guilty of contempt on six counts and was sentenced to serve 180 days in the Harris County Jail on each. However, those sentences will run concurrently.

The court found Brown guilty over a series of purchases. The terms of the March 2011 injunction with his wife allowed him to make only normal, reasonable personal and business purchases. Instead, Brown bought two Miami Beach properties; one cost $6 million and the other one was $4.6 million. He secured loans for both.

He also rented an apartment in Miami Beach for $14,000 a month from June through September 2012. In addition, Brown bought $111,000 worth of jewelry from Cartier in NYC and another $39,000 worth from Cartier in Houston in 2011.

He was taken into custody immediately after hearing. He has 10 days to appeal.

Aside from this, the former owner of the Brown Hand Center, is facing a mountain of legal trouble.

He is also accused of choking a flight attendant on a flight from London to Miami in January.

Brown lost his medical license in 2006, after testing positive for cocaine.

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