HOUSTON Pope Benedict it seems remembers the Cardinal from Houston well.

Cardinal DiNardo said the departing Pontiff told him, Uh oh, Texas is here.

Dinardo was saying goodbye to Benedict at Vatican City.

The cardinal is there to help elect a new Pope.

It s a special time for the Cardinal from the Galveston-Houston Diocese which is home to 1.2 million Catholics.

Benedict elevated Dinardo to Cardinal status.

This will be the first time Dinardo helps pick a pontiff.

Dinardo was one of three Cardinals who talked to reporters after Benedict s final farewell.

Many people still question the reasons behind Benedict s resignation.

Not DiNardo.

He resigned for the good of the church, he said.

The Cardinals could begin their secret election meeting, called a conclave, as soon as next week.

But there s no rush said Dinardo.

People are making all kinds of judgments already when we are really only at the beginning of this, he said.

DiNardo said he told the Pontiff: Texas is here. We love you.

Then he thanked him for his teachings.

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