TEXAS CITY Testimony in the animal cruelty trial of a feline sanctuary owner revealed the cats desperate attempts at survival after having been abandoned for at least 40 days.

Authorities on Jan. 3, 2012, seized about 200 cats, including 27 that died, from Whiskerville Animal Sanctuary in Texas City, which was owned by Wydell Lorraine Dixon, 57.

Authorities charged Dixon and her employee, Kimberly Jane Paskert, 49, each with four felony counts of animal cruelty.

Kim Schoolcraft, the former head of Galveston County animal services, testified Tuesday in Judge Lonnie Cox s 56th District Court about the cats conditions.

Feces and urine covered the floors, walls and windows. The stench was so powerful, authorities had to don breathing apparatuses to withstand the odor. There was no water anywhere to be found, so Texas City firefighters brought in bottled water for the cats, Schoolcraft said.

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