HOUSTON A rash of kick-in burglaries have been reported all over Pearland in the past two weeks and thousands of dollars worth of items have been stolen.

The burglaries happened in subdivisions close to the highway, so the thieves were in and out within a matter of minutes.

Seven homes have been hit in the last nine days. On Tuesday alone, in a matter of 50 minutes, two homes were hit. Burglars kicked in the back door of a home located on Bruno Way and found someone inside.

The person was sleeping at the time, but quickly confronted the burglars. They fled after hearing the homeowner yell that he was calling police.

I heard somebody go, let s get out of here, under their breath. Then I heard two feet scurry away, he said.

The thieves have used the same mode of operation in each case, investigators said. First they pull into the homeowners driveway.

They re going and knocking on the front door. If they don t get an answer, they go around the back, peek in, and if they don t see anyone, they kick in the back door, said Lt. Onesimo Lopez, with the Pearland Police Department.

The same thing happened at a home on Kinnerton Street. The thieves stole four guns and jewelry. Then, at a home on English Oaks Boulevard, the thieves stole TVs and laptops.

Investigators said the thieves may be renting cars to use in the burglaries, and the only description they have is a dark colored SUV, possibly with four doors.

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