HOUSTON -- It is no secret in North Texas that some teachers pack heat.

The Harrold ISD is several miles from the nearest police station. Years ago, the school board voted to let those with CHL s carry in the classroom.

But now, the Texas lieutenant governor wants to take it a step further.

He believes teachers who bring guns to school should go through special training first. It is training that could potentially prepare them for active shooter situations, such as the recent scene in Connecticut.

In case we ve got school personnel with a concealed handgun permit that are in that school and there s an active shooter, we don t want the children harmed we don t want the teacher harmed, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said.

Under his plan, the state would pay for the training. The cost would depend on the number of ISD s opting to participate,

You re not turning the schools into an armed camp with a lot of police officers, Dewhurst said. At the same time, same time, you re sending a message if you publicize it to bad people, stay away from our children.

The very idea horrified some parents in the Heights on Friday.

Maybe there could be another way, Patricia Pittman said. I know they need to be trained, but it shouldn t come out of taxpayer money.

Others said they do not mind the teacher-gun proposal.

If they re going to attempt to have em, obviously they d have to be trained, mother Heather Heil said.

The debate is expected to only gain steam in the Texas legislature, where other teacher-gun proposals are expected this session.

Governor Rick Perry has yet to weigh in on the Lieutenant Governor s proposal, but has said those with proper training should be able to carry their weapons freely.

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