HARRIS COUNTY -- A half dozen different emergency agencieswere staffed inthe Harris County Office of Emergency Management overnightTuesday monitoring radar, roads, and rainfall.

Officials believe more heavy rain could hit an already saturated Houston later on Wednesday.

Even with a light rain, slick roads can be treacherous. Tuesday afternoon, an SUV overturned into Brays Bayou in southwest Houston.

Farid Karai saw the accident and the injured driver.

He had only one hand, said Karai. Something happened to him. I don't know how he managed to climb upstairs. It's a miracle how he came out it.

The driver suffered scrapes and bruises, but was otherwise OK.

He said he swerved to avoid another motorist.

He pulled out. I tried to dodge him and went over the rail.

The Houston Fire Department is ready with evacuation boats for low water and fast track rescue wave runners for deeper water. Crews get a workout when Mother Nature goes to work.

HFD Captain Ruy Lozano said, Every heavy rain, the HFD probably performs 20 to 30 rescues a day.

Harris County Office of Emergency Management spokesman Francisco Sanchez recommends that people, Pay attention to the newscast tonight. When you wake up tomorrow check, You can get can forecast information, traffic info, real time rainfall data, as well any power outage information, good one stop shopping.

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